Diving Deep Ebook - Screenplay and Story Development

Diving Deep Ebook - Screenplay and Story Development

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An essential tool for screenplay and story development.

Use this for development, analysis, coverage, marketing, loglines, synopsis, idea generation, and more.


✔️ Basic Breakdown Guide

  • Genre

  • Period

  • Setting

  • Locations

  • Budget

  • And more


✔️ Into The Nitty Gritty Guide (Deep Analysis)

A template for developing and analyzing screenplays and stories at a level that will help you truly dive underneath the surface.


✔️ Overarching Summary

A template for helping you summarize all your ideas and thoughts on your story.


✔️ How To Write A Logline

A simple guide to help you develop and write a great logline with an example.


✔️ How To Write A Synopsis

A simple guide to help you develop and write a great synopsis with an example.


✔️ How To Breakdown/Develop According To The Hero's Journey

A detailed template to help develop your story, or analyze it, according to one of the most popular storytelling philosophies around - The Hero's Journey.


✔️ Big 5 Personality Model for Character Development

Learn about the OCEAN model to help you develop more realistic and compelling characters. Use the guide we created to help you solidify ideas exploring who your characters are.


✔️ Jungian Archetypal Guide

A breakdown of all the Jungian Archetypes to help you create and understand more about your characters according to the collective conscious Jung explored throughout his career.


✔️ Aristotle's Poetics Guide

As you've heard Aaron Sorkin say... If you have an issue with your story, it's because you are breaking a "rule" according to Aristotle.

Well, we read Aristotle's Poetics and created a simple guide to help you understand all the elements. It is an amazing tool for developing stories from a more philosophical perspective.


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