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Los Angeles Lurid


Comedy/Drama Short



Drama Short



Drama Short



Drama Feature

Ants Use The Stars


Coming Of Age Feature



Suspense Short

The Card


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Who am I?

I'm a screenwriter/filmmaker who just wants to tell impactful stories and help keep cinema alive.

I moved to Los Angeles from a small town in Texas when I was 20 completely by myself. No money, no prospects, no plan. I started taking some acting classes and started to learn how to write screenplays.

After a little while, life hit me directly in the face. I started struggling with depression, working a stressful job, worrying about money, and had responsibilities I had to maintain. So what did I do?

I gave up.

I gave up on my dreams and stopped pursuing what I wanted most. To be a filmmaker. To be a storyteller. Years went by, and I fell into a deeper depression.

Then I had a wake up call and was reminded...

We only have one shot.

So, that's why I started Swila. I wanted to create a place where storytellers of all kinds can inspire, motivate, and help each other improve. A place where we can share our stories and get our stories heard.

A place where we can share our perspectives of reality with other people who truly care.

And that's what Swila is all about.

Now, I'm back at it, after years of beating myself up, thinking I had no chance, with more passion and drive than I've ever had - a true passion for the craft on a mission to make great films.

And a passion to help others on their journey.

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