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Swila Coverage

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Here's what you get.

Up to 5 pages of feedback (depending on length) that delves into...


✔️ Basic Info Breakdown

  • Genre

  • Period

  • Setting

  • Locations

  • Budget


✔️ Suggested Loglines

Protagonist + Inciting Incident + Protagonist's Goal + Central Conflict 


✔️ Market Comparison

 3 - 5 Movies


✔️ Feedback


  • Story

  • Structure

  • Pacing

  • Dialogue

  • Style

  • Commercial Viability

  • Visual Elements

  • Characters

  • Genre

  • First 5 Pages


✔️ Swila Score

1-10 Rating


✔️ Detailed Final Thoughts

Final thoughts to tie it all together with some motivation on top. We always find the essence of what makes your story great and focus on that.


✔️ Reader Follow-Up

What NO OTHER coverage service offers... Have questions? Want to discuss a point you don't agree with? Want to ask for more thoughts on a specific aspect of your screenplay? No worries! You can with Swila.

We offer a  phone call, Zoon, Google Chat, Telegram, or WhatsApp chat with the person who read your screenplay - the purpose is to allow you to ask any questions or clear up any confusion to get the most value out of your coverage as possible.


✔️ Access to our Discord, useful resources, and suggestions

Specific to your screenplay.

Movies, books, podcasts, screenplays, etc.


✔️ Included with purchase...

Free Diving Deep Ebook that breaks down many different tools for developing a screenplay. It also has how to write a logline, how to write a synopsis, and notes on some of the best storytelling philosophies.


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Elvira’s gave me wonderfully detailed coverage. This was so helpful and insightful. The different sections (story, structure, character, etc.), combined with the brilliant rating system, really helped to give me an idea of what works in my screenplay and what needs improvement. This is especially helpful for a work-in-progress. Everything written here is so constructive. The level of detail, analysis, and thought put into this coverage is so useful and so valuable. Anyone looking for thorough and thoughtful coverage on their script would be incredibly satisfied with this kind of product.

Oscar Netherway
United Kingdom

The Swila coverage was a powerful tool to improve my screenplay. The report I received was super helpful and complete to have an understanding of the current state of my screenplay. Notes and information were on point in technical aspects, signaling my weak points with possible solutions and praising my strong points in a supportive way. But also, having the eyes of people you trust and their advice makes you feel that you are in the best hands, you can trust that Swila coverage will give you the information you are looking for, the necessary clues to improve and complete that longed project, to have it in the best possible shape to face competitions of the highest standard!

Mau Luz