The Swila Club

Anyone and everyone, at any level of craft (just starting or expert), from anywhere in the world, is welcomed to join The Swila Club. We are building a community that can help support and bring people together from anywhere at all levels. Great things happen when people come together. The only requirement is the monthly subscription of $9.99.

Navigate to the register page and create an account. It's $9.99 a month to join. The only real requirement? Bring your passion and your A-game. Be ready to improve and help others improve too. And make sure to get on the Swila Weekly newsletter in order to get all the key updates and weekly motivation.

Swila Weekly Exercises

1. Navigate here to join The Swila Club. Then check out The Swila Forum to see where the exercises are hosted.

2. To submit a script you create a new topic under the "Current Exercise" category. Make sure to double check you are in the correct category first. All you have to do is attach your screenplay as a PDF, put your name, title, logline, and any note you want for the readers to see. Then submit!

There will always be an example submission pinned.

3. The most important rule. Make sure to leave feedback on at least two other screenplays. If you don't, your submission will be deleted. The whole point of this community is to help support and motivate each other. That's what this community is all about.

Reach out here with any questions.