The Swila Club

Navigate to the register page and create an account. It's free to join. The only requirement? Bring your passion and your A game. Be ready to improve and help others improve too.

Swila Weekly Exercises

1. Navigate here to join The Swila Club. It's free. This gives you access to the forum where the The Exercises are held - and you also get many other free benefits. If you're already a member, skip this step.

2. Create a new topic in The Swila Weekly Exercises category named "Current Draft" and attach your screenplay as a pdf. The topic title should follow this format: "Your Screenplay Title" by Your Name | Exercise #

* And there will always be an example submission pinned at the top for you to reference.

3. Make sure to read the prompt, constraints, and guidelines outlined for each specific exercises. Posted on Instagram and in the forum.

Once your in The Swila Club and in the "Current Exercise" category, all you need to do is upvote your favorite submission to cast your vote. 3 votes per person.